Founded by the powerhouse team of Adrenaline PR CEO Maria Ferrero, former MegaForce Records and Crazed Management owners Jon and Marsha Zazula, and Testament vocalist and co-manager Chuck Billy— these individuals have joined forces to merge their experience and bring some new, unknown bands to the forefront, as well as develop and guide the continuing careers of some of today’s most well-established artists. Combined, Chuck, Maria, Jon, and Marsha bring decades of experience to the table, from their individual beginnings at the very introduction of the heavy metal genre in the 1980’s.

Please welcome 'The Wizards of Winter' to the Breaking Bands family

Members: Scott Kelly - Director, Keyboards Steve Ratchen - Bass Tommy Ference - Percussion Sharon Kelly - Vocals, Flute Fred Gorhau - Guitar TW Durfy -Guitar Mary McIntyre - vocals/keys Natalia Nierezka - violin/vocals Vinny Jiovino - vocals. Featuring former members of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Guy LeMonnier Tony Gaynor Occasional Special Guest: Tommy Farese


Chuck Billy will guest on the FULL METAL JACKIE show this weekend. Find a station to listen: